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Powering up Technology in a cold Saturday morning

I should give good credit to my district for providing us a venue in enhancing our tech-savvy-"isms". As classroom teachers in this time and age, it is necessary to be up-to-date with 21st century learning tools: a classroom that has gone digital.

I have been using technology in my classroom for years. Although some of the sessions, to me, are very basic, they still motivate and create a sense of community.

Great Deals from Discount School Supply

The school year has just opened. Much as I wanted to expect more from my county, I am not the only one who needs supplies for my classroom. This is the best time to take advantage of great deals from Discount School Supply.

Discount School Supply provides educators and parents a portal for saving great on daily consumables, classroom manipulatives in virtually every content area, notebooks, papers, and pens, classroom furniture, Sunday school materials, and thousands of learning materials for every age and every grade level.

Save on Early Childhood Curriculum Resources at Discount School Supply.

If your child is a fan of arts and crafts, a whopping 69% can be saved from purchases. Plus if your total purchase reaches $79, you get absolutely free shipping and handling!

Discount School Supply prides itself of providing quality educational items that are aligned to every child's needs. It has been gaining popularity among educators because of its 'extreme bargains.' All you ne…

Getting reconnected...


It's been a while since I posted an entry here. I have become busy with my new workplace out of state. The relocation was stressful, the new environment is demanding of my 'presence of mind' because it's too congested and everyone is racing against time.

Many changes happened since the last time I published my last blog entry. I am now a full-pledged first grade teacher. Yay! As a teacher of a self-contained special education kiddos and a team lead of two more adult co-educator, I need to spend more time preparing for lessons. I have not forgotten my first love, though -- blogging.

The other thing that I am excited about is a new site called that I personally manage. Here, guests (no registration required) can grab coupons for their online and offline shopping needs. It took me a while to get it up and running. I had to migrate my domains to Hostgator because my previous hosting provider is getting potentially a risk.

The third amazing thing t…

As Seen on TV: Is it worth it?

Anyone who has the habit of switching TV channels back and forth would have probably bumped on paid advertisements that last for 20 minutes or so. Most of these advertising programs are so enticing that, according to research, an average Joe (of course, with a purchasing power), would dial the phone or visit the product website even before the programs are over. Some of these popular stuff may not be considered necessities but may create a need for you right at that moment! Sounds impulsive? LOL!

1. My Snoring Solution BOGO. It attracts men and women who themselves (or their partners) snore. It commits to consumers a serious invitation by giving a buy one, get one deal!

2. Iron Gym. How about an upper body workout bar that you can bring anywhere? It is being sold for $29.99 plus S&H!

3. 30 Second Smile. Get Sparkling Brighter Teeth In Just 30 Seconds. The 30 Second Smile™ toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, b…

Japanese Technology enables smartphones to flush toilets

Introducing iPoo, one of the coolest technological innovations delivered by Japan to the world recently. You heard it right: iPoo.

With iPoo app, a toilet can now be flushed via bluetooth. Using an application from their android phones, toilet users can lift the toilet seats and monitor their "toilet history" to see their water and electricity consumptions.

Additionally, it provides a "diary" of a person's toilet/lavatory visits that may be beneficial in monitoring health issues, such as those who are concerned about their prostate health. iPoo also enables a toilet user to play MP3 songs while doing their solitary toilet business. How cool is that. I just find this topic extraordinarily ridiculous. Lol! But admittedly, it is an amazing human invention.

Can't wait to visit Japan!

How cool is this app that brings together 'pooers' around the world! Lol!

Another goldmine Pinoys on 'Ellen Show' soon

A huge number of people around the world are known for uploading amateur videos on social media in the hope that they can earn 'clicks,' or exposure. Some of them have been extremely successful that the global attractions they have created are phenomenal. Who can forget how Justin Bieber was discovered? How about an educated South Korean who earned a worldwide appeal for singing 'Gangnam Style'? All these happened through viral videos proliferated through a free site called Youtube.

Recently, Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (vocals) and  James Walter Bucong (guitar) of General Santos City, Philippines, uploaded a song titled 'Dance with my father' on Youtube. It started as one of those Facebook reviews that encouraged 'likes.' However, when a popular TV personality is attracted and invites you to her program, what else can you do? This happens when well-acclaimed Ellen DeGeneres personally invites them to her self-titled show.

Has it happened out of luck or wa…

Shopping and grocery coupons, Anyone?

Not everyone uses coupons. However, every shopper is thrilled with clearance sales.

People who use coupons are concerned about when sales are scheduled. Some of them even benefit from double or triple discounts using their coupons. I have personally took advantage of coupons. I only paid for a Photography magazine subscription for a fraction of a cost, about $3.99 in one year. I also enjoyed 30% using a coupon in purchasing a North Face signature jacket, and a pro camera for only $199.00. I must honestly admit that I was so amazed by the coupon cuts on prices, but I do not have the luxury of time in digging out which coupons to use even in buying bathroom cleaners, paper towels, or bacon.

However, a few people are doing extraordinary job by using extreme couponing. Even Kourtney Kardashian of the highly publicized 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' became a couponing afficionada for a short time.

A TLC Extreme Couponing episode

Get Free Huggies Coupons here.
Get Printable Coupon…

100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases To Avoid

I was browsing through the loop when something caught my interest: spam trigger words and phrases in emails.

Because email has been a part of ordinary life, most of us are no longer concerned about how we construct our mails. Gone are the days when beautifully crafted rhetorical formal letters were subjected to the intellectual eye of English teachers and university professors. Much of what we do today are shortcuts that are meant to make life easier. However, have we ever thought that some of our emails have not actually been delivered to recipients? That is possible. With the encryption technology being used by email networks nowadays, some of our most important emails may just be slam-dunked into an alternative inbox called SPAM. It hurts if after efforts to communicate, to promote something through email marketing, or to transmit an advertisement about our newly found extra income opportunity, nothing is really getting across because the emails were thrown into trash automaticall…

Travel destinations among Americans

The American people are famous for traveling. This is probably one reason why the national highways are excellent and well-equipped with 'survival' amenities, such as rest areas, dining stations and restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and information centers.

It is unusual to hear that some residents have not been elsewhere other than their local places of birth. However, in certain localities where economy is not very friendly, it is true. But for the majority, poverty is not a reason for not being able to travel. As long as you have a small budget for gas, food, and a place to stay, you are good.

According to the US Travel Association, the top 10 travel activities for Americans are:

1. visiting friends and relatives
2. sightseeing
3. beaches and waterfronts
4. zoos, aquariums, and science museums
5. national parks
6. state parks
7. cruises
8. theme parks
9. cities
10. mountain areas

Based on surveys conducted by the Association, a great majority of Americans prefer traveling…

The Colors of Nags Head

An average American is a traveler, whether by road trip, flight outside of mainland US, or armchair travel experience made possible by watching travel television channels such as Travel Destinations, TLC, Food Network, or Discovery TV.

One very popular summer destination in North Carolina is the Outer Banks -- a strip of land along the Atlantic Ocean. The place is a real getaway for people who want to unwind. It's a real stress reliever!

I've been to Outer Banks a number of times, but the sights and sounds of the place are simply addictive.

As soon as you reach Nags Head, NC, the massive sights of sand dune along the Jockey's Ridge National Park will welcome you. Included in the amenities are kite rentals, paragliding school, and many other family-oriented activities that will win everyone's heart.

Kite flying on the sand dune of Jockey's Ridge National Park is an experience of a lifetime that brings back our childhood memories.

Along the coast, you would see a mi…

Top 10 things my grandchildren will ask about my childhood years

Trends in my time could be viewed with wider eyes in today's generation. But they are memories of 'yesteryears,' without which we would not evolve into the fads of this modern generation and the generations to come.

Some of the few funny mementos that my grandchildren might ask with such 'eeewwish' attitude include the following:

1. Macintosh Computer. When computer was introduced in my generation, they were huge and so sensitive that even microscopic dust particles can make or break your composition. Macintosh is associated with a dirty-white baggy, personal computer whose memory is extremely limited that we had to use a 'diskette' (that is actually big) with a double-sided, double density format. The screen was black and the text was green. The pixels were so limited that images were awkward. If the computer was infected with virus, it would tell you right away because a devilish image will appear, will laugh out loud, and the computer will shut down com…

A Unique Way to Earn a Certificate and Course Credits

Nowadays, the propensity for online education is increasing. Because of issues related to financial stability, child rearing, home business, work, or disability, a lot of people have resorted to online education.

Because there is a demand, education agencies created an online venue for earning continuing education degrees online. Thus, the issue of convenience has been resolved.

While I am writing this, I am also preparing for a couple of courses that I am taking from two of the most prestigious universities in the country. My courses, both will begin in March 2013, are to be offered by Princeton University and John Hopkins University College of Medicine.

I miss my sociology method that's why I am taking a refresher at Princeton University. I will also take an ADHD proseminar at John Hopkins. Both run for 6-8 weeks. I will spend at least 4-5 hours each week reading cases, participating in discussion boards, watching videos, consulting live with professors, and taking quizzes and …

Li'l Wayne Music, SAT scores, and Success in Life

I always bother myself with the thought that many of my students won't be able to go to college. I believe that their disabilities are a culprit, but I wanted to know if there are other factors that aggravate the situation.

In one of my online moments, I bumped into a research conducted by California Tech PhD student Virgil Griffith. He collected favorite music of college students using their universities' Network Statistics page on Facebook. Then he looked at the average SAT/ACT score from CollegeBoard for students attending every college. Critics of the study claim that it is 'unscientific' because of the method and the source (Facebook), but I found it to be an essential source of understanding of how my students behave, what kinds of music they listen to, and the effect of this music in their struggle toward educational success.

In the study, Griffith included 133 most favorite music that appeared on Facebook and considered a variety of genre, including Hip Hop, R &…

A Mixture of Guns and Lesson Plans in the World of Paranoia

The recent Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy has caused a red alert in the entire nation. This incident has not just improved the school systems all over the United States, but has also renewed a spirit of cooperation and unity among school personnel, parents, and the community. Nowadays, many issues are being integrated in order to arrive at (possibly) a single and unified approach to addressing the problem of school safety and security.

In my district, the previous year was concluded by the Superintendent's series of site visits and a message of concern for all to stay calm and be assured that everything is secure, safe, and under control. The Sandy Hook tragedy was a painful reminder that there is something in the school doors that needed to be fixed, in the way school visitors are addressed, and kids and staff are accounted for during the entire day. It is sad that we needed to wait for twenty seven lives to sacrifice in order to rectify certain issues that should have been correc…
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