A Unique Way to Earn a Certificate and Course Credits

Nowadays, the propensity for online education is increasing. Because of issues related to financial stability, child rearing, home business, work, or disability, a lot of people have resorted to online education.

Because there is a demand, education agencies created an online venue for earning continuing education degrees online. Thus, the issue of convenience has been resolved.

While I am writing this, I am also preparing for a couple of courses that I am taking from two of the most prestigious universities in the country. My courses, both will begin in March 2013, are to be offered by Princeton University and John Hopkins University College of Medicine.

I miss my sociology method that's why I am taking a refresher at Princeton University. I will also take an ADHD proseminar at John Hopkins. Both run for 6-8 weeks. I will spend at least 4-5 hours each week reading cases, participating in discussion boards, watching videos, consulting live with professors, and taking quizzes and major exams.

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