Japanese Technology enables smartphones to flush toilets

Introducing iPoo, one of the coolest technological innovations delivered by Japan to the world recently. You heard it right: iPoo.

With iPoo app, a toilet can now be flushed via bluetooth. Using an application from their android phones, toilet users can lift the toilet seats and monitor their "toilet history" to see their water and electricity consumptions.

Additionally, it provides a "diary" of a person's toilet/lavatory visits that may be beneficial in monitoring health issues, such as those who are concerned about their prostate health. iPoo also enables a toilet user to play MP3 songs while doing their solitary toilet business. How cool is that. I just find this topic extraordinarily ridiculous. Lol! But admittedly, it is an amazing human invention.

Can't wait to visit Japan!

How cool is this app that brings together 'pooers' around the world! Lol!