The Colors of Nags Head

An average American is a traveler, whether by road trip, flight outside of mainland US, or armchair travel experience made possible by watching travel television channels such as Travel Destinations, TLC, Food Network, or Discovery TV.

One very popular summer destination in North Carolina is the Outer Banks -- a strip of land along the Atlantic Ocean. The place is a real getaway for people who want to unwind. It's a real stress reliever!

I've been to Outer Banks a number of times, but the sights and sounds of the place are simply addictive.

As soon as you reach Nags Head, NC, the massive sights of sand dune along the Jockey's Ridge National Park will welcome you. Included in the amenities are kite rentals, paragliding school, and many other family-oriented activities that will win everyone's heart.

Kite flying on the sand dune of Jockey's Ridge National Park is an experience of a lifetime that brings back our childhood memories.

Along the coast, you would see a mixture of houses, old and new, that were built exclusively for the hungry tourists of the Outer Banks.

Kayak rentals lure your imagination as you hear splash of waves from the long-stretched beaches. The Outer Banks tourism is friendly to all kinds of budget. You can join the band of people enjoying the beach for free as public access is provided, or you can rent a space with your whole group or family.

The tranquility of the place is a powerful trigger for one's imagination. You can do reflection, organize a yoga or tai chi experience, or simply walk quietly along the beach and leave your footsteps in innocence.

Shoppers are given the opportunity to burn calories, as well as money, in the nearby Tanger Premium Outlet. When you feel tired, simply slump on the rest nooks and restaurants (mostly seafood buffet).

Serene environment is present even on your way out of Eastern North Carolina. It's a win-win decision you will never regret.