Another goldmine Pinoys on 'Ellen Show' soon

A huge number of people around the world are known for uploading amateur videos on social media in the hope that they can earn 'clicks,' or exposure. Some of them have been extremely successful that the global attractions they have created are phenomenal. Who can forget how Justin Bieber was discovered? How about an educated South Korean who earned a worldwide appeal for singing 'Gangnam Style'? All these happened through viral videos proliferated through a free site called Youtube.

Recently, Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (vocals) and  James Walter Bucong (guitar) of General Santos City, Philippines, uploaded a song titled 'Dance with my father' on Youtube. It started as one of those Facebook reviews that encouraged 'likes.' However, when a popular TV personality is attracted and invites you to her program, what else can you do? This happens when well-acclaimed Ellen DeGeneres personally invites them to her self-titled show.

Has it happened out of luck or was done on purpose?

We'll see what's next!

Ellen Degeneres invites Aldrich Lloyd to sing 'Dance With My Father' live

Aldrich Lloyd and James performing their song on Youtube that became viral on Facebook

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