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Showing posts from October 14, 2012

Sleeping Position: Personality or Disorder?

In my about half a century of existence, I never bothered myself with the thought that my sleeping position would have to say about who I am. Well, not until recently...

According to latest study, sleeping positions can largely tell whether the person is bossy, stubborn, extremely critical, or in control of oneself.

For example, as I browsed through the bits and pieces of articles I have came across, I found out that my typical sleeping position is 'fetal.' In the study, about 41% of the respondents claim that they sleep sideways with bent knees. This position indicates that I am worrier, I lack affection (and searches for comfort), conscientious and structure about many things. The study also emphasizes that I am notoriously prone to overthink tasks (especially in the work place) and my daily life. Sadly, all these traits are true to me. :((

Other peculiar sleeping positions that are indicative of various personalities are freefall, yearner and log positions. Just google you…

A Challenge to Conventional Christian Dogma

Last Sunday's episode of 'Long Island Medium' has brought me to a whole new way of thinking about conventional church teachings on the 'afterlife.'

I was born to a Christian family, spent much of my existence in a premiere Catholic university, and lives devotedly as a person with a belief for Christ. I am, and I will always be a Christian. One of the teachings of my church is that there is an eternal life, and there are heaven and hell. There is also a Church suffering that needs the help of the living.

However, Theresa Caputo's revelation in an episode made me think beyond what I could imagine. In the episode, she was acting as a medium to a living mother and a daughter who passed away through suicide. The daughter never left any suicide note, enough to convince the bereaved family that she really had a reason to cut her young life. During the session, the daughter told mom via Theresa that she is happy, is with God, and is now in heaven. This revelation puzz…
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