Sleeping Position: Personality or Disorder?

In my about half a century of existence, I never bothered myself with the thought that my sleeping position would have to say about who I am. Well, not until recently...

According to latest study, sleeping positions can largely tell whether the person is bossy, stubborn, extremely critical, or in control of oneself.

For example, as I browsed through the bits and pieces of articles I have came across, I found out that my typical sleeping position is 'fetal.' In the study, about 41% of the respondents claim that they sleep sideways with bent knees. This position indicates that I am worrier, I lack affection (and searches for comfort), conscientious and structure about many things. The study also emphasizes that I am notoriously prone to overthink tasks (especially in the work place) and my daily life. Sadly, all these traits are true to me. :((

Other peculiar sleeping positions that are indicative of various personalities are freefall, yearner and log positions. Just google your own sleeping position if interested. Who knows, you might be caught in surprise, just like me.

In relation to this, I also read that people who like to have several pillows tend to be lonely, withdrawn, and depressed. Although this discovery slapped me for being so true, I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I imagine to increase the number of pillows I am using. Will it also severely affect my loneliness, withdrawn attitude, and depression? lol.

I dare to try. Then, I will write an update. :))