A Challenge to Conventional Christian Dogma

Last Sunday's episode of 'Long Island Medium' has brought me to a whole new way of thinking about conventional church teachings on the 'afterlife.'

I was born to a Christian family, spent much of my existence in a premiere Catholic university, and lives devotedly as a person with a belief for Christ. I am, and I will always be a Christian. One of the teachings of my church is that there is an eternal life, and there are heaven and hell. There is also a Church suffering that needs the help of the living.

However, Theresa Caputo's revelation in an episode made me think beyond what I could imagine. In the episode, she was acting as a medium to a living mother and a daughter who passed away through suicide. The daughter never left any suicide note, enough to convince the bereaved family that she really had a reason to cut her young life. During the session, the daughter told mom via Theresa that she is happy, is with God, and is now in heaven. This revelation puzzled me because my church teaches otherwise. A person who cuts his life is sent to 'eternal damnation.' A person who committed suicide has taken the greatest step far away from God. In fact, in the Catholic tradition, no blessing is granted to a suicide victim.

This issue is making me more positive of the dynamism of time. As communication grows exponentially in forms and structure, it is amazing to note that even messages and realities in the afterlife are being sent on earth in a manner that is 'digestible' to ordinary people. Communication has grown, not just digital, but mystical and spiritual.

I hope my post won't be judged for lack of academic reference, such as a biblical text or annotation. My intention is to simply blur out my initial reaction to a story never before heard in my existence as a Christian.