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Random Goal: To be a minimalist

As I age, I become more and more attuned to simplicity. The complexity of the life I built here in the United States has taken a toll on my health and emotion.

How I wish I can be like Mike Roberts, a radical minimalist who has transformed his life into simple, youthful, and self-satisfying life...

Great Vacation Planning Tips for People on a Budget

Making sure your vacation goes according to plan is not difficult to do, but it does need to be planned carefully.

First you need to decide where to go. Once you have decided where you want to go on vacation, you can start to plan the things you want to see and do. For example, if your main destination is Costa Rica, you must be interested with beaches and night life.

After you have figure out where you want to go and what you want to do when you are there you can get a feel for where you want your hotel to be.

There are many different websites that offer the best prices on hotels, so make sure to check several of them before making a final decision. Most of these sites will offer pictures of the hotel facilities and the different rooms.

After looking at the hotels pick the top 3 and do a search on the internet for them. Try to find reviews from people that have stayed there before. The hotels site is always going to tell you how great the hotel is, but if someone were annoyed enough…

How to Get Rid of Toothache through Youtube

How to Get Rid of Toothache through Youtube
You heard it right!

I was very busy but I suddenly acquired a gum infection. It's so strong that I felt like it I was throbbing. So I started to look for an effective relief. How about a pain medicine (Tylenol, etc?), or a gargle? Those are conventional and won't be able to remove the pain instantly. My work is a race against time, and it's writing process. How can you think and write with a toothache?

So I look for some magical solution in the virtual world. It tried Youtube and I found this binaural beats idea. I kept searching until I bump into a 15-minute file. I tried it with an open mind.

Not a believer, but in pain? Try these instead.
The result was astounding because at 12:16, my pain was completely gone! I replayed the file to ensure I'm clean and pain-free completely.

And I am sharing it here! Just believe. It's free.

Try it to believe.Still skeptic, but experiencing from pain? Try these.
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