How to Get Rid of Toothache through Youtube

How to Get Rid of Toothache through Youtube

You heard it right!

I was very busy but I suddenly acquired a gum infection. It's so strong that I felt like it I was throbbing. So I started to look for an effective relief. How about a pain medicine (Tylenol, etc?), or a gargle? Those are conventional and won't be able to remove the pain instantly. My work is a race against time, and it's writing process. How can you think and write with a toothache?

So I look for some magical solution in the virtual world. It tried Youtube and I found this binaural beats idea. I kept searching until I bump into a 15-minute file. I tried it with an open mind.

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The result was astounding because at 12:16, my pain was completely gone! I replayed the file to ensure I'm clean and pain-free completely.

And I am sharing it here! Just believe. It's free.

Try it to believe.

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