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Traditional Lent Observance and the Filipino Culture

Filipino culture is rich in traditions during Lenten Season. Some of them are so unusual that the universities feast on their discourses. Folk Catholicism and Split Christianity are two of the themes that still run in the blood of this modern generation.

Just like Andrew Zimmern's introduction to "balut" in his outrageously popular TV show 'Bizarre Foods,' many guests in the country during this time of the year are bewildered why some Filipino locals are flagellating using locally made instruments involving blades and shattered glass, and submitting themselves to real crucifixion. It is also worth-wondering for the on-lookers of Filipino culture to see people flocking to allegedly miraculous mountains, or sacrificing miles of barefooted procession to shrines in order to receive graces and blessings.
This Lenten season is an unusual time of waiting for me because I have been away from my long-lost cultural traditions for years now. In a country where the only pre…

Reminiscence of an Internet-free Childhood

When my daughter asked me to create a blog for her, I was amazed. Although it is not fair to compare childhood in my times with this internet-savvy generation, I was still caught in great awe. I am thankful that I was born at the time (and a place) when no television and internet have existed yet.

I miss the simple and naive life where the only way to find enjoyment was in the neighborhood. I was a product of a very cohesive community where everyone knew everyone else (although I am no longer expecting that it would be the same around 20 years past). I loved the childhood playtime where we never yearned for plastic and ready-made toys. We created our own toys, and we named our own games -- all local but original.

Childhood at that time was long and enduring. At the end of each day, I would look forward to another day again. It feels good to yearn because I was the only child in the family, and there was nothing at home that would make life fulfilling. Of course there were toys, but a…
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