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Vente and Dollar Store

One fascinating find at the Robinson's Malls is Vente, a stall containing all items that cost Php20 each. The products look very akin to those you can find at Divisoria and Greenhills. The difference, however, is that you can find them at the comfort of your favorite neighborhood mall.

Vente provides novelty but not necessarily quality. If you really want items to last longer, you still need to visit the real stores. Vente is so beneficial to people who are concerned of managing meager budget.

America has its local version of Vente: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. These stores fascinate promdis as they provide products that cost a minimum of one dollar. For Filipinos who sneak in to find "made in USA" tags, it is frustrating because many products are actually made in China. LOL!

But dollar stores are amusing for cheap school supplies, toiletries, and packed varieties of cookies. They also feature party favors for less. Name it and you'll get it there.…

The Most Powerful Dog in the Most Powerful House on Earth

I used to be a pet lover when I was a kid. I had a dog that I later realized to be part of the family of golden retrievers. I also had a cat whose hobby was to breed more kittens.
However, I become too emotionally attached to pets that I could no longer tell the boundary between human life and short-lived animals. Today, I would rather look at other people's pets than have my own and die with them.
My sentiments for animals was stirred once again when I came across the US first family's pet, Bo, in the news. A Portuguese water dog by breed, Bo has been accorded the most important treatment any dog on earth can receive. In the recent "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" activity of the White House executive employees' children, Bo had a royal entrance only dukes and duchesses deserve.
The well-loved pet has always been in the limelight to meet, greet, and make friends with foreign dignitaries (and of course, their 'dognitaries', too!) and other White…

Teaching EC Students: An Extraordinary Experience with Extraordinary Kids

I have been a teacher for more than a decade. I have encountered various types of learners across time and place. I learned how noble teaching is as I saw my students achieve high expectations in their respective fields. I thought teaching was just about counting rewards and achievements. This perspective turned upside down as I shifted to special education teaching.
Back in my country, I was immersed in special education experience. While teaching in a general education curriculum, I had a couple of students who were undiagnosed but were part of the regular education classroom. One of them was dyslexic and the other had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. As I become an active volunteer in a non-government organization that supports families of children with special needs, I began to realize how my students earned all the great disadvantages in a community that does not recognize their call for extraordinary help. This internal struggle has prompted me to engage in a challengi…
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