The Most Powerful Dog in the Most Powerful House on Earth

I used to be a pet lover when I was a kid. I had a dog that I later realized to be part of the family of golden retrievers. I also had a cat whose hobby was to breed more kittens.

However, I become too emotionally attached to pets that I could no longer tell the boundary between human life and short-lived animals. Today, I would rather look at other people's pets than have my own and die with them.

My sentiments for animals was stirred once again when I came across the US first family's pet, Bo, in the news. A Portuguese water dog by breed, Bo has been accorded the most important treatment any dog on earth can receive. In the recent "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" activity of the White House executive employees' children, Bo had a royal entrance only dukes and duchesses deserve.

The well-loved pet has always been in the limelight to meet, greet, and make friends with foreign dignitaries (and of course, their 'dognitaries', too!) and other White House guests.

I couldn't imagine how tight the security of this dog is when he is beside the US president. LOL.

Note: Picture 1 contains Bo's profile (click the image to see the readable version), and picture 2 shows the US president taking Bo for a relaxing bout. Thanks to anonymous uploaders of the images.