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Showing posts from December 21, 2008

In Search of the Superpower's Future Leader

America is getting ready for the succession of President-elect Barack Obama to the presidential throne-- an event that will leave a permanent mark in the history of the country and the world.

Several weeks ago, the country's giant television networks were preoccupied with state campaigns of the hopefuls. Newspapers, local and national alike, had loud commentaries on who would lead today's superpower.  Even mailboxes were disturbed by printouts containing  election guidelines. Upon opening your AOL or Yahoomail platforms, you would have discovered that Obama or Palin became almost a part of your breath!

For a promdi, I am not at all interested in American politics. I would rather focus on discovering discipline strategies to apply to the American kids. LOL!

What is worth-observing, however, is the tougher routine of the homeland security, the scarcity of jobs and the changing rules here and there. To a Filipino hopeful who has spent a lot for a US work application, it is evide…

The Other Side of America

My initial experience of America is far from most people think it is.

While most Filipinos who reach America for the first time are drowned in flash with the popular views of Lower Manhattan, the Golden Gate, and the huge memorial stone and numerous museums at Washington, DC, I was deployed in a far-flung sleeping part of Conway, North Carolina. I even bet if you could locate Conway via Google Earth. LOL! What I am sure of is that GPS navigator, a satellite-based road assistant, does not recognize my address. LOL!

The greatest consolation I have, however, is that I lived in a place (I recently moved out from Conway) with virtually zero crime. It is a small community where 'everyone knows everyone else.' The streets of North Carolina are one of the 'kindest' of the places I have reached so far. It is where you see pedestrians and motorists waving their hands to one another. It is also where you see drivers giving way even to a pedestrian who walks farthest from an inte…

Coming to America the Promdi Way

In spite of friends' encouragements, I didn't really feel so excited of going to the US for the first time.

In August 2008, my batchmates and I boarded a JAL aircraft bound for Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. The aircraft, instead of providing the usual wide plasma screen, was equipped with a 'viewing panel' where you could see the movement of the plane. It was interesting because you could imagine how the pilot works his best in order to bring a safe ride to the airline company's passengers.

We waited for four hours at Narita before checking in at the American Airlines flight bound for Chicago-O'Hare. Narita International Airport was extremely isolated that we haven't seen any of Japan's corners from its limited vantage point.

When we boarded American Airlines, an unpopular sight caught my attention. While media market airline companies through the young and flawless, all-smiling faces of flight stewardesses, AA gives you all the middle-…

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, err.. happy holidays!

Many people in the first world are accustomed to use the latter. They're not synonymous.

In the Philippines where a predominant component of the population is Christian, merry Christmas is a favorite byword during this season. For a multicultural environment where equal opportunity is provided to everyone regardless of color, creed, or political affiliation, and to my former Sociology students-- wealth, power, or prestige, 'happy holidays' is a safer greeting.

Whatever it means to you, this season needs to be celebrated for a reason. HE is the reason!

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Click here for our presentation.

(as you click the link, your audio has to be activated; presentation ends January 15; LOL!)

The Promdi is Back!

The deep slumber is finally over. I'm back to the information superhighway.

A few months ago, I told myself everything will be recorded in this blog. I failed to do that because of my adjustment to a new work environment. Life in the first world is really demanding. Although I recently moved to a small community of Filipinos where life is as normal as life back home, it wasn't easy to deal with time and expectations.

The next few entries are old observations in a new world. I am also moving to a brand-new website carrying my own name. My purpose is to keep my friends intact and provide support to more promdis who were educated to prepare for enslavement in countries all over the world. LOL!

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