In Search of the Superpower's Future Leader

America is getting ready for the succession of President-elect Barack Obama to the presidential throne-- an event that will leave a permanent mark in the history of the country and the world.

Several weeks ago, the country's giant television networks were preoccupied with state campaigns of the hopefuls. Newspapers, local and national alike, had loud commentaries on who would lead today's superpower.  Even mailboxes were disturbed by printouts containing  election guidelines. Upon opening your AOL or Yahoomail platforms, you would have discovered that Obama or Palin became almost a part of your breath!

For a promdi, I am not at all interested in American politics. I would rather focus on discovering discipline strategies to apply to the American kids. LOL!

What is worth-observing, however, is the tougher routine of the homeland security, the scarcity of jobs and the changing rules here and there. To a Filipino hopeful who has spent a lot for a US work application, it is evident to note that job opportunities are filled in immediately.

There are even speculations that a roundabout will take place once the inaugurations are over. Will the US dollar soar to its raging heights? Will recession be averted? Will working visas be still available to foreign professionals or will the President just concentrate on giving jobs to millions of unemployed Americans?

Certainly, we need to get involved because even our country's political economy is affected by the superpower's new leader's biases and idiosyncracies.

*picture above shows blogger with a friend. LOL!