Top Bonsai Home Decorating Ideas


Bonsai is as old as time. Until now, it still inspires and refreshes the contemplative and reflective mind. It has been a real legend.

Bonsai is an art. It is not just about growing a plant; it is about creativity and control. The most popular bonsai are those that have survived through time. The older they appear, the more popular they are.

Families with zen garden, or zen-themed homes, consider every corner to be dominated by bonsai. However, maintaining bonsai is like taking care of another family member. You need to water, trim, and take it outside on a regular basis to receive sunlight.

At, we value our customers' time without sacrificing creativity. Our top alternative picks to live beautiful bonsai are as follows:

Cedar Bonsai 16 Inch Silk Plant. At 16 inches tall, this Cedar bonsai adds a soft touch of elegance to any room. Both the delicately crafted leaf pattern and the carefully designed branches make this tree a popular gift item for any occasion. Encased in a circular container filled with artificial soil, this bonsai tree provides a sense of peace and tranquility to your home or office area.

Cedar Bonsai w/Planter (Set of 2). Is there anything "cuter" than a little bonsai tree? Okay, maybe a kitten gives it a run for its money, but kittens grow up and leave the yarn behind, while the bonsai stays cute forever. And this little faux cedar bonsai is the perfect representation of that - forever captured in perfect Bonsai size and shape, this little beauty will adorn your desk, counter, or anywhere else for years. Oh, what the heck - let's make this a set of two and really overload on cuteness.

8.5 Inch Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3). Some people prefer the tiniest Bonsai plant available, and for these people, our 8.5" Bonsai set fits the bill perfectly. Lovingly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature trees look so lush, and so real, that you'll be tempted to water them! Standing 8.5" tall, and rising from a decorative pot, this three-plant grouping will add charm to any home or office setting.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Silk Tree. A truly beautiful specimen symbolizing the botanical beauty of Japan (and other parts of the world as well). Staying low to the ground at 15 inches, this Cherry Blossom Bonsai is perfect for those seeking elegance and tranquility. The varied pastel colors bring a sense of piece to all who behold its splendor, and since its maintenance free in its own decorative pot, you never have to worry about the painstaking upkeep needed with other bonsai.

12 Inch Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3). Why settle for one when you can have three? This vibrant little group of Bonsai trees will bring a little of that Oriental magic to your home or office. Perfectly sized at 12" and in their own decorative pots, these beautiful trees look so real people will be asking you to teach them to 'Bonsai'.

51 Inch Money Silk Tree. Want to add a touch of good fortune and positive energy to your home or office cubicle? Then this bonsai style money tree - with its lush, green flowerlike leaves perched upon authentic looking braided trunks - fits the bill perfectly. Besides being beautiful, many stems sport the ultra 'lucky seven' leaves, making it the perfect charm to (hopefully) boost your financial wealth. Standing just over fifty inches tall, it fits perfectly next to a desk or in an office entryway.