Five Lamps that Add a Touch of Tradition to your Home


If you are nostalgic of the classic contemporary tradition, you must have infused a lot of vintage-looking elements in your home. Integrating tradition doesn't have to be expensive. There are a lot of items commonly found in flea markets, local shops and specialty bazaars that will create a totally historical theme in your modern home. 

The stylistic designs of exotic and vintage candle holders, table lamps, wedding centerpiece lanterns, and sconce sets can elegantly add to the natural design of a classic historical themed home.

Among the featured lamps in our store are the following:

1. Colonial Candle Lamp. The cutouts and glass windows gleam with reflected candlelight in this colonial-style metal candle lamp. Bright burnished finish and a wire hanging loop also add to the elegance it radiates. The item is stand-alone table lamp that, when seated beside those salvaged contemporary books, will truly invite a nostalgic atmosphere.

2. Black Colonial Rectangle Candle Lantern Dark Metal Frame. This rectangular candle lantern features a dark metal frame and clear glass panels that allow a candle of your choice to shine brightly. The top of the lantern features a starry cutout pattern and a hanging loop. The dark metal contributes to the heme by bringing out the contemporary era's leaning towards richness and subtlety of life without worrying about criticism.

3. White Colonial Candle Lamp. This traditional candle lantern gets a fresh contemporary look with matte white finish and charming star cutouts. A simple yet elegant complement sheds festive light on any setting. This item is one of the featured wedding centerpieces, especially for couples who want their special event to establish a country-looking appeal, and a mellow leaning towards the Old West.

4. Carriage Style Candle Lantern. The simple colonial lines and a classic black finish give this handsome candle lamp a timeless appeal. Fill with a colorful pillar candle for a wonderfully warming display!.

5. White Colonial Rectangle Lantern. Turn the dark of night into star light with this beautiful candle lantern. Four clear glass panels are set into a rectangular metal frame that is finished in white and topped with starry cutouts and a hanging loop.

When decorating the home based on traditional setting, it is recommended that bright colors are dominated by vintage styles, rustic looks, matte, flesh, or grayish black or dark brown elements, if they cannot be totally avoided. Similarly, for budget decorations, existing elements don't have to be completely eliminated. It would even be great to have them be well-integrated with touch of tradition as those classic elements will be able to draw more attention.

Happy home decorating! 

Colonial Candle Lamp

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