Using Online Books to Push Learners in Choosing Good-fit Books

The Daily Five uses a concept called 'I PICK' Good-Fit Books. Simply put, the book is read meaningfully through the following ways:

  • read the words
  • read the pictures
  • retell the story

I PICK Good-Fit Books concept include the following:

1. choose a book
2. determine the purpose for which a learner wants to read it
3. determine why the chosen book is interesting
4. check comprehension by throwing questions for understanding
5. check whether the child knows all the words in the chosen book (which leads to a sense of ownership of the whole reading process)

Teachers who are advocates of technology integration in the classroom can use the internet in encouraging learners to choose the books they can use in the Daily Five exercise. The internet is an alternative to the use of hard copy books. It also provides excitement, variety, and continuity of interest.

Keep on exploring sites to get the appropriate books that your learners need. However, it is very important to provide monitoring and guidance to learners who are using the internet in their reading adventure.

You may visit this livebinder (Daily 5: Listen to Reading Livebinder) to explore more.