The Historic Presidential Elections and the Bieber-Gomez Split

Several days ago, I was thinking of writing something about 'a nation divided' in today's world superpower's presidential election. But who is going to care about my writing when everyone is so amused about the most-tweeted picture of President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama? Lest the buzz about the results of the elections that resound in every angle that led to some people plunging into racial slur.

However, what gave me the greatest push to at least scribble a little bit in the midst of my busy life is the break-up between two spotlight icons: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. They earned many critics and silent enemies, but at least they are respected in their own way.

The cause: a long-time hatred for Selena by Justin's die-hard fans.

Come to think of it, why do I care in the first place? And when have I started dealing with showbiz celebrities? Seriously, I don't. But I am working with kids who look up to them as role models. Thus, I need to be concerned.

My grades 3 to 5 are not concerned about broken and shattered relationships. In fact, they have been through it. Most of my students are products of solo parents, all-female household, or foster homes. But this issue about icons being torn apart by die-hard fans may stir sentiment among them.

Although breaking up and separation in the Hollywood world is a common place, just like the Kardashians whose concept of marriage is a source of instant fame, power, and wealth, I hope it wouldn't be viewed by the younger generation as something normative.

Relationships are valuable, and they are a source of happiness and peace for every child. My students who are being monitored for extreme behavior issues are those who are either deprived of this happiness, or those who come from dysfunctional families. They should be given a break.