Brazilian Woman's Virginity is Worth $780,000!

eBay's policies clearly state: no live auctions!

I'm pretty sure it didn't happen on eBay. But wherever this auction was hosted, it is no longer important.

Catarina Migliorini, a 20 year-old Brazilian woman, has auctioned her virginity and won a whopping $780,000 from the highest of the five bidders. The lucky man is from Japan. He will receive his "winning auction" in the United States to avoid slur of prostitution in their respective countries (and what do they think of the US?!).

According to Slate Magazine, this auction process is part of an Australian documentary. They are very careful in clarifying that this is not about prostitution. In fact, the "winning item" and the winning bidder will undergo an STD test before the award! Horrible!

According to Catarina, her intent is good: much of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Well, the world is spinning so fast.

Any takeaways?

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