Employment 101: Six Underrated Jobs in the US

In the midst of recession, hardly anyone deserves to have wide choices. Many Americans embark into something that will get them to finish line at the soonest possible time. This is true to the employment world, as well.

A lot of people want to earn money right away. So instead of preparing themselves for a more rewarding future, they engage in community college programs purportedly leading to immediate employment: physical therapy assistant, web designer, electrical engineering technician, dental support or nursing assistant, medical coder, and many other health care programs. While these programs are, indeed, leading to immediate income, not everyone who graduates from these programs is fortunate to land a job. The employers' fine print is that anyone who will be rewarded employment must have been to the field for quite a while. Hence, experience is necessary. What happens to those who finished the programs online? Well, there are millions who finished online. Run!

Luckily, there is a new way of looking at the employment situation in a more optimistic way. CNBC has recently released a survey of highly underrated careers that "are not well-respected but they deserve to be." These are Computer Systems Analyst, Civil Engineer, Veterinarian, Biologist, Market Research Analyst, and Accountant. Each of these careers receive an average annual salary of at least $78,000. How about that for a career?!

So, for people who are contemplating of starting a college course, for those who are about to shift careers, and for those who have been idle and want to come back to the employment limelight, think more proactively, be guided by your dreams, determination, and a winning goal in mind. Gas prices are soaring high every day, and life is not getting any better.