EC Pho Comes Closer to Home

Asians are undoubtedly rice-eaters. This can be explained by rice being a staple Asian food.

As Asians living far away from home, we are always tempted to seek for stores that offer rice and a variety of food made out of rice. Recently, we found a newly opened noodle house in our Eastern North Carolina place. EC Pho Vietnamese Noodle House is perfectly a home away from home because it offers lunches and dinner packages with either steamed rice or fried rice. In contrast with the typical Chinese buffet that caters to American taste, EC Pho is uniquely Vietnamese, offering a semi-sweet, semi-spicy cuisine. It also offers a typical Vietnamese rice noodles -- with a taste of herbs!

Rating: 5 stars. Worth-visiting.

Fall and winter days will no longer be as cold as before with hot and spicy noodles and rice packages at EC Pho.