July 31st: A Day To Remember

Back in the early days, I enjoyed July 31st because it was a holiday in the Ateneo schools. But mind you, July 31st is the busiest day for all Atenistas: alternative classes here and there, outreach programs, campus activities in every corner, tiangge, org exhibits and many more.

July 31st is Ignatiana: a day in celebration of the martyrdom and sainthood of Ignatius of Loyola, the Ateneo schools' greatest role model and founder of the Society of Jesus (whose members are known among the outsiders as 'Jesuits').

As July 31st approaches, I cannot help but relive the memories of the past: rigid rehearsals by the Music Ministry and play schedule of Dulaang Ateneo (among my li'l memories of yesteryears...wahahaha!). Who would ever forget the song 'Fundador', and 'San Ignacio...kawal ni Kristo'? They are very much 'in' during this day-long celebration.

I could also recall visiting the local mental institution for a "Share-a-Day". Haaays..good old days... Now my spirit is so dry. The moral inspirations are gone...

In 1997, July 31st left another permanent mark into my consciousness. It was during this day that I finally became an orphan. Mama left me while I was away. Could you ever imagine entering the house with all the flashbulbs brightly lit...and as you approach the casket, everyone was looking at you? I experienced it. It was so painful but I never had a choice.

Now, it's another July 31st. Memories, both good or otherwise, are still fresh, but life must go on...

There will still be many more July 31st in my life but I will make sure they will all be worth-remembering...

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


  1. punong puno ng memories ang july 31st mo ah. ;)

  2. Today, July 31st, the Blue Eagles didn't make it at the UAAP. Oo na Drew...

  3. nyahahahahahhaha! wala kong sinabi. pero dpat ssbhn ko kaso nahiya naman ako dahil baka masira ang good memories mo. ;) hehehehehe.

  4. hmph. yan lang ba? o takot ka lang kuyugin...wahahaha!

  5. nyahahahahahaha. uy, im nothing against them or you. ;)


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