Review: St. Augustine's Best Attractions

Liaa deserves a break from a year-long pressure of being in a grade level ahead of her age. So we threw her a promise to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

It requires at least 10 hours straight drive to reach Orlando, Fl., seat of the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, where Harry Potter attractions can be found. On our way, we had a day of stopover at Saint Augustine, Fl., a historic landmark of the sunshine state. We have been there in the past couple of years when we raided Disney World. However, we had very little knowledge of what's in store for the tourists of the town.

After a typical Sunday mass, our tour bus brought us to a place that would change the way we looked at St. Augustine. The downtown houses a hundred-year old tradition that fuels the town's present-day economy (btw, the town was founded in 1565). The tourist attractions are very well organized. The urban design preserves traditions, while sustains the growing needs of tourism at the same time. What makes tourism amazing at St. Augustine, Fl., is the presence of tour trolleys driven by well-trained local tour coordinators who do lecture at the same time while the trolleys crawl through the narrow streets of the downtown.

It has museums, old stores (within a wonderful flea market), old schools, century-old Spanish military hospital, and even century-old pharmacies, jailhouses, and cemeteries (yes, well-maintained spooky cemeteries!). In fact, one of the most peculiar attractions of the town is a variety of nightly ghost tours (exciting!). 

Below is a partial visual rundown of our captivating moments. However, for people who are excited to discover what lies ahead of St. Augustine, our visual descriptions are not enough.

Rating: 5 stars! Worth-visiting. Get a three-day tour package and raid the attractions one at a time!