Mother in a Dream: A Boy's Strange Connection to the 'Otherworld'

I was speechless when I heard this Chinese boy sing the song for the first time. I couldn't understand any word from the song, but its melody cuts through my senses. This is one of the greatest songs I heard ever.

Uudam, the 12-year old singer, is an Inner Mongolia-born boy who tried his luck into the 2011 China's Got Talent. His choice of song is extraordinary because he sings it whenever he recalls his parents who died due to a road mishap when he was eight years old. To me, the song is not sad -- it is spiritual. It is Uudam's connection to the world of the spirits -- the quiet world.

He is so fortunate to have such a talent that can communicate with the 'other-world'. Whenever he sings (especially this song), I feel like he is genuinely speaking to his parents who are long gone. I am probably brave because I only felt goosebumps the first time I heard Uudam sing the song. Many of the audience in the audition hall of 2011 China's Got Talent were not as tough as me; they shed tears.

I can closely relate with this song because I became orphan at a young age. And I am the only child. How I wish I also have a way to communicate with my parents 'up there' or somewhere else, wherever they are now. When I listen to Uudam's song, I am weakened by the realization that my parents are gone. However, life must go on, just as the way Uudam's life must continue.

Bayarlalaa (thank you in Mongolian) Uudam! You made a lot of people happy -- across time and space -- and regardless of our linguistic and cultural differences.


Below is the rough English translation of the song:

Mother in the Dream

Do not pick such pretty flower.
she does not want to leave her motherland.
Dear mom you hold my hand.
whisper about it's secret wishes .
You are so far away, my mom.
but you hold my hand in my dream.

Blowing wind and sand covered my eyes.
yet I want to hear from my mom.
Where are you? My dear mom.
Wish you would kiss me softly.
You are so far away, my mom.
but you kiss my cheek in my dream.

You want me as brave as an eagle in the sky.
You make me strong like flowers in the wind.
When I march forward with my head high.
I know that you accompany at my side.
My dear mom in distance.
You hold me tight in my dream.

Belated happy mothers' day to the best moms in the world.