The Other Side of Relationship in the Digital Age

It is really hard to figure out how the so-called "virtual relationship" will thrive in this age where everything rests on the tip of the finger.

In this day and age, almost everything is controlled by a button. Although the button is customizable, by default the equipment will shut down when you press it. Whether you agree or not, the future may rest in the movement of your hand as you swipe that plastic card on a data-sensitive sensor or terminal.

Are social relationships becoming like this, too? Is it possible to end a friendship that started online via the same means? If a loving relationship is produced by virtual reality, is it possible to put an end to it using a press of a button? Can you just shut your computer down and forget about friends that you met in virtual social networks?

It took me a while before accessing my facebook account. Then I realized that I had 17 messages, 64 notifications, and 42 invitations of every kind. Although much of what I received are hi's and hello's from old friends, it was also a 'right time' to discover that at least 4 of my friends are celebrating their birthdays today. What a sigh of relief to have them greeted accidentally.

Although internet has made the world into a small village, this is the drawback: making relationships last beyond virtual reality -- and making it last across time and space.