My 1st Twitter Follower

I created a new Twitter account today because I'd like to connect with new and old friends in the blogosphere. So far, I have followed 81 serious bloggers already.

I commit to myself never to connect with Showbiz personalities again (with the exception of Miriam Quiambao -- GMA7 celebrity host; kababayan baga), whose only fetish and preoccupations are either promoting their provincial shows, new shoes or purses, or personal indifference that only they can understand. I want bloggers who could educate me in the process. I also hate pretenses that they are gurus in the field and that they have been blogging since 1972! Hmm...when has the information superhighway been established? Do the math...

What gave me the greatest punch is my first ever follower that connected seconds after my new Twitter account went live.

Natural Burial?!! Ano ba naman 'to! Kakatakot. Magpapapayat na talaga ako. Lol! :)

But it is highly appreciated. Thanks po!