How Important is Michael Jackson to the World?

While it is true that life must go on for the world that is stricken by tremendous recession, it may not be easy for the family, followers, and fans of the phenomenal 'King of Pop.'

Michael Jackson, 50, faced his untimely death on June 25, 2009. For people who have lived ordinary lives, death is swift and details can be reported in no time. It was not true for Jackson who was even suspected to have had a shot of pain killer before going on coma.

Jackson can be remembered as the high-octave kid who did most solos in the Jackson 5 fever. One of my favorites is 'Ben,' a song whose highest note I have never reached in my entire videoke career. LOL! His  world 'Dangerous Tour' can never be forgotten by millions of fans. In Europe, concert goers even had tremendous experience called mass hysteria (a form of collective behavior) due to an amazing performance of the prince.

Some time in the late 80s, Michael Jackson visited the Philippines for a grand open air concert. His realization: never to come back! This is due to the fact that Filipino concert goers had a different way of appreciating from the rest of the world. While the millions of fans around the globe feel a nerve-breaking scenario, Filipinos stayed on their seats, clapped their hands and swayed a little in order to dance with Jackson's music. That's part of the culture. The sense of appreciation among many Pinoys doesn't characterize loudness.

Now that Michael Jackson is gone, will his music live with us or will it be buried with him? Will all the issues surrounding his very controversial life be erased quickly or will it be a talk of the generation?

Only one thing is clear: he has made a significant mark in the life of the world in his own time.

Farewell, Michael Jackson...and thank you for the music!


  1. Hindi ba 90's when he first visited the pinas? hehehe. So choosy sya dahil hindi nagwawala ang mga pinoy? hehehe

  2. Ahehe. Mukha nga drew. Hindi nya maintindihan ang cultural differences.

  3. i am bothered by this whole MJ brouhaha...true: he made great strides musically which paved the way for people of color to become world-renowned performers. true: that he is a gifted performer and media-savvy celebrity. but the big truth is - WE ALL POKED FUN AT HIM. WE ALL RIDICULED HIM FOR BEING THE WAY HE IS. what i'm feeling right now is shame and regret that he wasn't able to recapture his (once) glorious career... we thank him for the music and the gift of song that we shared with him... no hating here. just my 2-cents worth.

  4. It sounds emotionally blasphemous, but it's true. No one in the midst of huge fanatic crowd has ever pointed a finger at him. Well said tomtom! Thanks for dropping by.


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