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Top 10 things my grandchildren will ask about my childhood years

Trends in my time could be viewed with wider eyes in today's generation. But they are memories of 'yesteryears,' without which we would not evolve into the fads of this modern generation and the generations to come.

Some of the few funny mementos that my grandchildren might ask with such 'eeewwish' attitude include the following:

1. Macintosh Computer. When computer was introduced in my generation, they were huge and so sensitive that even microscopic dust particles can make or break your composition. Macintosh is associated with a dirty-white baggy, personal computer whose memory is extremely limited that we had to use a 'diskette' (that is actually big) with a double-sided, double density format. The screen was black and the text was green. The pixels were so limited that images were awkward. If the computer was infected with virus, it would tell you right away because a devilish image will appear, will laugh out loud, and the computer will shut down com…
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