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The Psychology of Mass Violence in a School Setting

It is unthinkable that several months after the fateful mass murder in a Colorado movie theater -- at a time when justice has not yet been received by Batman's beloved fans -- a new mass murder has once again taken place. This time, the timing would have been planned: bloodshed inside an elementary school involving 20 mostly six to seven-year old innocent children, and the approaching Christmastime.

One critic interviewed by Fox News channel at the height of their 'data gathering' hours said that one way by which we can curtail the cycle of committing mass violence in the American society is by "de-popularizing" the incident and by avoiding to mention the name of the perpetrator. Really?! Where is the logic coming from? Here's my take.

The accused mass murderer was a 20-year old Adam Lanza. At his age, he 'still' lived with his mother (well, that's part of a prevailing American culture to stay away from the family at 18; my culture says the whole …
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