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Discrimination in the USA: A New Look At An Old Issue

While I was entertaining myself with Filipino migrant stories, I came across an article featuring a Pinoy special education teacher in Prince George's County Schools, Maryland, who was driven back home for working with an expired visa, and for losing a job in spite of his exemplary classroom performance.

The article also cited something about the plight of Pinoy teachers who were deployed in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, school district.

Those are common stories that happen everywhere. When I came to the US in 2008, I, too, was unemployed for nearly a couple of months without any support from our agent who even harassed us regularly.

What struck me, however, are the new forms of discrimination. The legal pages of American History have already paved the way for equality, fair treatment, and mutual respect. However, bits and pieces of harassment are still evident, sometimes they penetrate into our skin. For about four years, I was in a rural high school. I have never submitted myself i…
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