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Showing posts from March 25, 2012

Autism Epidemic?

A surprising headline on NBC Tonight with Brian Williams is about the significantly increasing cases of Autism in the United States.
A latest autism study indicates one in every 88 girls and one in every 54 boys have autism. This poses an alert considering that autism has a very close affinity with mental retardation. Although it is hard to generalize that every child with autism has intellectual disability because of a number of successful personalities who suffer from ASD, it bothers me to think about the future generation of America.

On one hand, it will spark interest among special educators because the demand for autism-trained teachers will increase. It will also trigger pharmaceutical companies to produce more autism-friendly medications.

Public schools that are within the governance of a tough Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) will be more cognizant in preparing classroom structures, curricular programs, and instructional methodologies that are soothing to th…

Life is a Real Hunger Game

The family was driven to watch Hunger Games due to Liaa's insistence that we watch it. It's rated 13 and Liaa is 9. We had no choice but to go.

To our surprise, it was outrageously good. Although it emotionally carried my post-radical soul because of its dystopic theme, we all went home satisfied. The bonus is that the terrain was shot in a North Carolina forest. It was the first time that I entered a movie house in my eastern NC place that is jump-packed with highly-supportive family members. Let's admit it: the kids brought their entire families to the movie house.

On a deeper note, life -- at least as I experience it -- is a hunger game. Although we are not given two weeks to eliminate every opponent, there is too much going on around. My work place is too far that I need to complete a 52-mile waste of time on the road just to get there. I am in a state where pay raise is just probably an illusion. I have students whose issue is not their disability, but their culture.…
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