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My Insatiable Desires: A Personal Reflection

When I was a little kid, my parents taught me to live in moderation --- be thankful for what I have. Those were the days when life was dictated by the rising and setting of the sun. But as a child, I had big dreams and I worked on them painstakingly until this day. One of the constant reminders of my parents that always rings a bell is to live within the means. I always failed to carry it out that's why I was always in trouble. LOL! But mind you, it's all about moderation.

As I grew up, my needs and wants grew with me. In the comfort of my solitude, I sought for an answer. As I read through a Zen Buddhist site, this was what struck me: "I kept complaining that I had no shoes, until I met one with no feet." It stabbed me and made a permanent laceration into my consciousness.

Why do I keep looking for more when I have already found some? I am a promdi. I must have simple wants and simple needs. As a tomato grower in a rural setting, I should believe that when I die a…
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