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Deconstructing Cinderella

When nothing really challenging comes to mind, all I do is harp on something, no matter how childish it is, that makes my mind get rid of the day's tension.

I miss the radicalism in the intellectual arena. However, I don't have a choice but stay in a K-12 rural school that requires daily lesson plans (multiplied by three preparations) due on Monday mornings instead of creative and innovative workloads for everyone's benefit.

How childish is childish? I started challenging myself with something only children of my child's age can understand. However, I made a little swing -- destroying it to make it more understandable to adults who struggle for life in an intensely pressure-laden environment. Here it is -- the story of Cinderella, coupled with a head-smashing criticisms to challenge my readers' sensibility!

Cinderella Charles Perrault
Just in case you have forgotten her after years of purposely forgetting a childhood bedtime character, Cinderella is a young woman liv…

My Insatiable Desires: A Personal Reflection

When I was a little kid, my parents taught me to live in moderation --- be thankful for what I have. Those were the days when life was dictated by the rising and setting of the sun. But as a child, I had big dreams and I worked on them painstakingly until this day. One of the constant reminders of my parents that always rings a bell is to live within the means. I always failed to carry it out that's why I was always in trouble. LOL! But mind you, it's all about moderation.

As I grew up, my needs and wants grew with me. In the comfort of my solitude, I sought for an answer. As I read through a Zen Buddhist site, this was what struck me: "I kept complaining that I had no shoes, until I met one with no feet." It stabbed me and made a permanent laceration into my consciousness.

Why do I keep looking for more when I have already found some? I am a promdi. I must have simple wants and simple needs. As a tomato grower in a rural setting, I should believe that when I die a…

Hershey Park: A Haven for Chocolate Lovers

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, was part of our goal for 2011 Spring Break. After our pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Immaculate Concepcion in Washington, DC, we headed to Hershey Town. Six hours and two stopovers after, we were ready to see a real chocolate-inspired town.

It's amazing how Milton Hershey built a town for his workers. It's also amazing to think how the progressive town has capitalized on Hershey's popularity in building a one-of-a-kind tourist destination in the midst of a sleeping agrarian part of Pennsylvania.

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