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Why America cannot restrict Swine Flu from getting into its borders

The new threat of a mysterious swine flu virus is spreading like wild fire across the globe. Among the countries affected greatly are Mexico and its neighboring superpower, the United States. It bothers me to hear every agency and institution preparing for its spread almost everyday. In the state where I am situated right now, we almost await for it with open hands because its neighbors, Georgia and South Carolina, have already claimed to have traces of the flu. Although as of this time, only one case of a 22-month Mexican boy in the state of Texas has been recorded, it is alarming to note that the national scene is focused on the threat of registering more casualties.

The international news also describe how measures are taken by various countries in order to protect their citizens from the deadly virus. Japan, for example, has stopped issuing visas to Mexican applicants (sorry, Mexico). A couple of Latin American countries have suspended flights coming from countries where increasi…
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