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Showing posts from April 12, 2009

The Long Road to Opportunities

Recession is felt in every corner of America. The education sector has never been free from it. Uncertainties are underway especially for us beginners. Of course, if the worst situation strikes, those who entered last will be out first.

It took us weeks to decide on how to find alternative options that will save us from the sudden strikes of unemployment. At last, we took the painful step of driving to the central states in order to find some options.

The travel was not at all easy. Four days on the road for a one-way travel did not provide us with the comfort anyone who must have spent the Spring Break could ever enjoy.

When we got to our final destination, opportunities were not at reach because school districts do not allow applicants to hand in hard copy resumes. The pain of having spent resources, time, and effort was never compensated, except for bits and pieces of site-seeing and accidental discoveries of new-found places that Ate Lea called opportunities "wherever our wh…
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