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Wowowee and Pinoy Mentality

Several days ago, a chatmate in the Middle East left me without a warning because "it's Wowowee time".

Now I realize even TFC-North America has THREE daily airing schedules of Wowowee!

What is happening to us? Na unsa na man ta ani oi? says a Visayan friend.

The Pinoys all over the world have been hooked into what we call back home as a "noontime show mentality". Everyone is rushing to the screen, not bothered by hectic schedules. No one wants to miss Wowowee. What is in Wowowee? If we dissect the program, we would be able to categorize details into interesting chunks: a male host singing a variety of Lito Camu compositions, gorgeous and sexy co-hosts doing stints of slang and mispronounced words, a co-host comedienne fluterring her daily outrageous fashion statement and popular lines like "Habang may buhay, may Arabo!", sexy dancers doing roundabouts of risky steps, and a lot of games that benefit the "poor but deserving".

If we only take a careful look at how the noontime show influences the Philippine society, it would seem that it offers something for everyone from all walks of life. But what disturbs me is the fact that Filipinos in this time and age are still bewildered and subjected to the spell of consumer media.

Are we not capable of creating our own happiness? Why do we have to pay in order to produce laughter?

I don't really plan to destroy the convention of Filipino thinking. Mine is just a reflection of a social situation that, no matter how complicated or problematic, or a social life that is unquestionably difficult at this stage, is being sugar-coated by short-time shows that offer quick relief to problems, and hope to the rest.

What do you think?