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Miss ko na ang Skyflakes!

There is really no place like home!

I miss everything: from dirty ice cream to Jollibee spaghetti with hotdog bits to maruya.
Sa pinas, we have lots of choices depending on budget. In the land most-sought after by pinoys, you'll establish monotony in no time.

Walang mangga! Waah! Walang sago! Ang biko bini-bake. Hindi matamis ang lakatan. Karamihan sa commodities 'made in China'. Karamihan ng crackers peanut butter ang palaman. E bawal ngayon ang peanut butter kasi me salmonella scare! Huhuhu!

In order to eat skyflakes, we need to visit a Filipino store in Virginia Beach. That's about two hours travel from the house. Ang mahal ng Lucky Me pancit canton. At kumusta naman ang malunggay, frozen. Haaays... It's not easy to live a normal pinoy promdi life in the land of opportunities.

When tastebuds are deprived, you'll almost always miss what you have enjoyed back home. It brings you to getting sick. And there's no point in analyzing it further.


  1. Dito sa Italy pinagbawal muna daw ang importation ng Mang Tomas...I don't know why. The bananas here are imported from South America and they don't just make the grade (like our bananas). There's manggo in the US but it's from Mexico yata but it's nothing compared to ours. Yes, the first thing I missed in Italy was the food.

  2. ugh. that's so depressing for people who loves to eat. lalo ng mga street foods that you can eat onli in da Pilipins=( sir uwi ka na. Hahatiran kita sa inyo ng kahet anung gusto mong ulam.

    Sa Pinoy adobo ba jan Kikoman lang ang pwedeng soy sauce na gamitin?

    tsk. lapit na nman ang pyestahan dito sir.

  3. Thanks so much for dropping by, thepinoytraveller, and for sharing your thoughts.

    Wahahaha! Kung pwede lang Kate. Uy ang adobo specialty ko walang toyo. Vinegar (Silver Swan [free ad hehe]) and lots of garlic and whole grains of black pepper lang. Adobong Bulacan daw yun? Pero dito ang tawag ng mga pinoy -- 911. Waaahh!

  4. Makaherak man ang nasa ibang lugar, ano. (Dinagdagan ko pa ang longing mo). Garung masiram ang adobo version mo. Nakanamit ako kayan sa Bacnotan, La Union. Masiram!!! Magayon ang layout kan site mo a. Bayae nong, ikakan ta ka na lang, skyflakes, pritong tilapia, nilabunan na sabang hinog.....

  5. Haays, siram kan choices mo nadz. Lalo kong na miss ang buhay sa banwaan ta.

  6. Masiram man baga nadz ang minasang kamote na may nido. hehehe. Na mi-miss ko na man logod magpasay ning kondensada. Pati aki ko nakua na ang ugaling iyan sako. hahaha.

  7. oooohh. nakatikim na ako ng gnyang adobo sir. And garlic tlga kahit anong lutuin napapsarap. 911? bakit kaya?

    i just had lunch. Naalala kita sir sa ulam ko, tuyo na may ksmang nilagang talong at saging.=) may "ginamos" pa. (tawag ng Dad ko sa bagoong.)

    Nako, pag nagpunta ako sa States mukhang magkkaproblema nga tlga tayo sa pagkaen.tsk. tsk.

    But indeed, N. Carolina is a really nice place. I've read about it in some articles and blogs too.

  8. Hi Nurse Kate!

    ang 911 kasi emergency number. Kapag nag drool na dahil sa adobo, atake na yan. Tawag na! hehehe.

    Ang sarap naman ng lunch nyoooo.


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