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Showing posts from August 17, 2008

The Long Wait is Over!

Yesterday, I ended the long wait. I finally said goodbye to anxiety and apprehensions.

As I walked through the high security arsenal-like US Embassy-Manila, I was in my sincerest prayers that the consul should be enlightened, and that he should grant me a visa. LOL!

After more than thirty minutes of being on queue, my number finally appeared on screen. It took me a short while to respond to the officer's scrutiny. When he instructed me to proceed to Delbros (an exclusive courier of the US Embassy in Manila) , I wanted to call everyone and rejoice instantly! Well, I just forgot no electronic device is allowed in the embassy. LOL!

But the essence is: I'm done. Now I have to do a few more preparations.

At last, I can now relax.

From Pag-asa to Pag-asa

More than a year ago, I was a naive newcomer at Pag-asa street. The sign became a popular sight to me when I started teaching at the university located within the vicinity. That sign was a silent witness to my angst, my sense of despair, my frustrations, and my disappointments. As I walked through that street everyday, I realized how I made a mistake in my decisions. That sign was associated, not with hope, but with pessimism.

That was a year ago. Gradually, Pag-asa became a venue for my excitement. The sign slowly saw me transforming into a worker eager to start the day right. It was also a witness to my satisfaction as I leave the last class, bringing with me bits of inspiration from students who just joined a concert of class participation.

Who will ever forget Pag-asa? Who can forget the shake coupled with a variety of juicy burgers prepared right before your eyes? Who will forget the popular bystanders who will outsmart you in class because despite their social life, they have p…
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