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Showing posts from August 3, 2008

The Politics of Money in a US Work Application

I am not a politician but political sociology became a fascinating discipline to me a few years back. Its ghost is very much present in every corner of my existence that it continues to haunt me up to this day.

Everything that I learned from that course was theoretical until I experienced it recently.

My application for a US job was not easy. The required qualifications and documents literally drained my brain, emotion, time, and financial resources. I had to take tests in order to be voted "highly qualified" from the vantage point of America's 'No Child Left Behind' law. I had to apply for parallel credentialling to a US curriculum. I needed to take local modules in order to strengthen my skills, and additional academic credits from a regionally-accredited American university in order to strengthen affiliations.

Demands for money were endless. For a poor person like me, a six-digit figure is no-joke. When my placement agency discussed the schedule of payments,…

Pacquiao for President?

When the nation is faced by crisis, it has been customary to blame the incumbent government. Towards the close of President Arroyo's administration, we are being challenged to pick, among very few "fresh" choices, who will be granted the privilege to represent the Philippine democracy's sovereign powers.

In the Philippines, however, what matters is not how you demonstrate expretise. Sometimes it's the capacity to be associated to the masses, but in many cases, it's who you are.

The succeeding battles of Manny Pacquiao to acquire several world titles in boxing has literally put him into pedestal. His popularity has ascended to greater heights. He was literally voted as a new "hero" of the masses.

Although not really successful in a local political bout in General Santos, at least he showed a spark of interest in politics.

Will he be another political figure in the 2010 elections? If he chooses to run for presidency, will he succeed? It may be too ear…
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