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Physical or Social Malaise?

For a couple of days now, I could not afford going to work. My throat has been complaining of a tiresome monotony. When my doctor diagnosed it, she said it was just a simple irritation caused by an 'unknown allergy'. I was speculating that I was suffering from tonsillitis, but she opposed it by suspecting that it must be an earlier symptom of pharyngitis. How grudging!

A few hours before this blog, I was once again complaining of an irritated eye. It must be a curse! A pink eye! People will stay away from me for days. Sigh... I will be treated to be a carrier of health epidemic. Waaaah!!!

Now I'm beginning to ask myself, what have I done? What is going on that slowly brings me to paralysis? Am I overworked? I must admit I am underpaid, but it must be unfair to claim that I am overworked. Am I depressed? Why can I afford throwing laughter at even the most pathetic forwarded jokes by texters?

I must be suffering from malaise. Answers-dot-com provides a simple definition of…
I woke up today with nothing in mind. I did not look forward to anything or ever planned of doing anything. Sunday, after all, is my only bonus day.

My family planned to hear mass at 9 am. Because it was a cloudy day, we were all beating the 'deadline'. We left home past the mass schedule. We were late.

I know myself. I've been in defensive driving for the past 10 years. I must admit I did fail to convince traffic enforcers to confiscate my license due to simple road violations. However, when it comes to safety, I have always made sure no one gets hurt.

While I was heading towards Makati bridge, I needed to step on half-break because of the curve. I saw a male beggar crossing the street. I admit he was too close, but everything was calculated so I was confident. Within a wink of my eye...blaaaagghh! The beggar was hit!

I pulled over immediately. I set the hazard lights. Then I quickly ran to rescue my victim. He was carrying a container with a few teaspoons of rice left (here …
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