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The Politics of Money in a US Work Application

I am not a politician but political sociology became a fascinating discipline to me a few years back. Its ghost is very much present in every corner of my existence that it continues to haunt me up to this day.

Everything that I learned from that course was theoretical until I experienced it recently.

My application for a US job was not easy. The required qualifications and documents literally drained my brain, emotion, time, and financial resources. I had to take tests in order to be voted "highly qualified" from the vantage point of America's 'No Child Left Behind' law. I had to apply for parallel credentialling to a US curriculum. I needed to take local modules in order to strengthen my skills, and additional academic credits from a regionally-accredited American university in order to strengthen affiliations.

Demands for money were endless. For a poor person like me, a six-digit figure is no-joke. When my placement agency discussed the schedule of payments, my heart was pounding because I couldn't figure out where I would get the money needed for my US work application.

The rest is history. I am now in the last stage of the process.

It took me months to wait. I never heard of updates until I called and asked. No details were provided, probably as a matter of protocol. I waited. My patience was tested. I got sick due to stress. It went on and on...

Just this day, I learned I wasn't playing the right game. I wasn't using the fair strategy. And what did I do after all?

The issue is not about me. It was about the politics of money. It was about not being aware of what was really deemed necessary.

Ethnomethodology underscores the role of secret rules and hidden codes that govern interaction. I am frustrated because the concept has almost been part of my breath, but I have not lived by it's standards at this time. I was a victim of my own ignorance. My awareness was inadequate.

I have been longing to reach my county the earliest possible time in order to enjoy adequate time for exploration and adjustment. Every detail was withheld by my agency. I didn't get any hint. I begged but I was not granted. I appealed, but to no avail. I waited because "it's part of the process", they said.

Little did I realize there were a number of people who have been deployed before me. My batch mates are now arranging flights. This is all because of money. They gave the full placement fee way ahead of the schedule. They did the people behind the process a favor.

Now it's almost twighlight in the process and I'm still waiting. No details are provided. Everything is up to them. This is all because I'm not yet fully paid.

Today I learned my hardest lesson: "to read between the lines", to be more sensitive, to have my eyes and ears wide open even with the smallest details. But it's too late. The game is almost over....