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When NFA Rice is not enough

When I was a kid, I never tasted imported rice. This is  because I was reared in the family of rice farmers.

Today, many Pinoys prefer imported rice, not because it is imported. Rather, imported rice is much cheaper than premium grade commercial rice. In today's vocabulary, imported rice is synonymous to NFA rice.

The recent 'national panic' has turned many Filipinos into instant political commentators. This is similar to the time when the Philippine President was being tried in public television.

Rice has been, indeed, a well-loved element of the Filipino culture. We find a close affinity with rice, in other words.

But much has been said about the rice shortage issue. Today, the reality that majority of the Filipinos remains to be poor is the real issue. We can afford the rice shortage if there is something that can 'fill in' during its absence. But for an average Filipino, nothing is left after the rice.

A couple of days from the time of this blog's publication, the annual State of the Nation (SONA) will once again showcase the achievements of the present government. Will it earn a round of applause? Will it end up in standing ovation after the country was struck by rice shortage, natural calimities, and fuel crisis?

When I was a child, I never heard of an imported rice. Probably because we were living in a sleeping municipality where the stores only provided premium high grade rice harvested within the neighborhood. Life was so simple and naive at that time. I never thought that it would ever cross my consciousness. I never imagined that imported rice will be introduced to me this way.

When NFA rice is not enough, poverty strikes, criminality increases, morality is disturbed, and the entire nation suffers. When NFA rice is not enough, many people begin to feel the government is not doing anything. When NFA rice is not enough, more and more Filipinos begin packing up and leave the country.